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Vyasa Vidyanikethan English Medium School, Perumbavoor

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Vyasa Vidyanikethan School

Vyasa Vidyanikethan English Medium School is a Co-ed school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Vyasa Vidya Nikethan is an educational institution that started in June 2001 and functioning smoothly in Perumbavoor. This institution is affiliated to Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan Keralam, which is the Kerala Chapter of the All India Educational Organisation VIDYA BHARATHI with Head Quarters at Lucknow. BVN is a charitable registered institution.

The school is named after the Great sage Bhagwan Veda Vyasa born to a fisherwoman, and is the author of the great epic of India “Maha Bharatha”, the epic “Maha Bhagavatham “. He is honoured as the GURU – Great Teacher and his birthday is celebrated every year as GURU POORNIMA even after thousands of years.

Our Aim

To develop a national system of education that may mold the posterity into such a youthful generation as fully enriched with the feelings of national heritage and patriotism, having completely attained all-round physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual development, capable of facing modern challenges successfully and dedicating their lives for the services and uplift of natives of back-ward and remote tribal areas and the dwellers of the slums so that these downtrodden people may get rid of economic exploitation, social humiliation and usher a new era of mutual equity, cultural integrity, and economic prosperity.






Best teaching and learning practices

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Personality development programs

Training in different physical and sporting activities like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi

Co-curricular activities Dance, Music, Drawing etc.